Our Vision

Our vision is to continually provide care to those who deserve to be loved and supported. With J and M Home Health C-A-R-E we promise to keep our patients first.

About The Owner

Mary Louise Jones is the owner and founder of J and M Home Health C-A-R-E. Mary is from Cuba, Alabama and has six children that also share her passion of caring for those in need. Mary derived from the every day stressful situations that one may endure, while raising her children. She spent most of her time preparing meals for her family and was always sure that she provided food for those in need, no matter how near or how far.  During the year of 1967, Mary's family relocated to Michigan, where she began her journey of caring for individuals with a busy family. After working with Martin Evans Missionary Baptist church for over 33 years, Mary decided to take all of her skills she'd learned throughout her life and share them with others. 

From then, she began J and M Home Health C-A-R-E 18 years ago, with a loving and caring heart in mind. Mary's goal is to continually provide the best possible care for loved ones all aorund metro Detroit. With her ambition to treat her patients like her very own family, Mary has been successful in assiting individuals with a fufilling life before they are no longer her patients. Mary belives in never giving up on her dreams and that God will lead her and each and everyone of us step-by-step.


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